Atención jurídica en inglés y chino en Granada

Legal service in English and Chinese


Atención Jurídica en Chino


Legal service in Chinese in Granada. For Chinese residents in Spain.

Legal service in English in Granada. For English speakers residents in Spain.

If you live in Spain, the whole year or for a time, probably you need to contact with a lawyer. CS Abogados Granada (CS Lawyers Granada) can offers you a legal service in English.

Reasons to trust 


You need a lawyer based in Spain because of his domain of legality in this country

Lawyer from Spain

Our legal situations or problems in Spain must be attended by a lawyer based in Spain. You will need an expert, a professional who knows perfectly the spanish laws.

Feel like home

Our lawyer talks to you on your language. The best service.

Mother tongue

A legal situation is very important to each one of us. We talk your mother tongue to ensure the whole understanding.

Like a Spanish

You will receive the same treatment that a Spanish client

The same attention

With us, the first consultation is free. Also for you. All the opportunities which we offer to spanish clients, are also availables for you.